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Zambia Hope News update -- December 2009
In the fall of 2009, Hope Farm planned a major planting of soy beans, which are a profitable crop in Zambia. Following a request from Adamson and Anne Musonda, directors of Zambia Hope International, Hope Mountain Foundation sent $4,000 for this purpose. Full story...

Christmas cards for all the children

Fourteen residents of the Turkey Creek community in Gainesville, Florida joined together to sign Christmas cards for all the children in schools supported by Zambia Hope International. The cards were sent to Zambia in time for the second annual Christmas dinner, which is provided for all the children by Zambia Hope. The Florida group, many of them seniors, were invited to participate in the project by Gwen Rogers. Earlier, several of the residents had donated teddy bears to be sent to the Zambian orphans.

Tuesday, December 23rd at 6:30PM

Come and listen to Tom Cromwell give a presentation on the many orphaned children we are helping in Zambia. Many ladies here in the forest spent a few afternoons writing over 515 Christmas cards so that these children would receive them for the holidays. We in this country are so fortunate and blessed. These children have nothing and no one. Please take the time to hear the story.

Caroling and refreshments will follow the short presentation.

IRS grants tax exempt status to Hope Mountain
On October 10, 2008 the Internal Revenue Service issued a letter granting tax exempt status to Hope Mountain Foundation. This means that any donations to our organization can be claimed on your tax returns. If you need a receipt for a donation, please contact us.

Video on Zambia Hope completed
A 10-minute video showing the various projects carried out by Zambia Hope International, with the support of Hope Mountain, has been completed. We will use the video to spread information about Zambia Hope. We will also offer the video to any donor who contributes $100 or more. You can view the video here:

Donations almost ready for shipment

David Richison and Thomas Cromwell have been collecting used computers from Frederick County, donated to Zambia Hope. Our storage space at the Seniors Resource Center in Frederick is now full of boxed computers (120 boxes in all), and the storefront in Thurmont we are using to collect computers, teddy bears, children's clothing and school supplies also has a growing pile of boxes ready for shipping. We have enough material to fill a 20ft container, and hope to arrange for a shipment.

Top image:Computers at Thurmont storefront ready to be boxed and shipped to Zambia.
Bottom image: Gwen Rogers and Thomas Cromwell look over computers in Thurmont ready to be boxed up for shipment to Zambia Hope.

Teddy Bear Donations for the Children of Zambia

Some of the teddy bears and other stuffed animals being collected by friends in Florida to be donated to children cared for by Zambia Hope.

Zambia Hope is First to Receive HMF Support
The first overseas non-profit supported by Hope Mountain is Zambia Hope International (www.ZambiaHope.org). In 2006, HMF director Thomas Cromwell visited Zambia and met with the director of Zambia Hope, Adamson Musonda, a native of Zambia.

Zambia Hope is run by Adamson and his wife Anne, and dedicated to helping Zambia's 1.25 million children who have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic or who are living in dire circumstances. In a short period of time, Zambia Hope has developed a farm, now 120 acres, both to provide food for the orphans and income for the four schools it supports. Full story...

HMF Explores Cooperation with Creative Adoptions
In order to broaden support for Zambia Hope, in late 2007 HMF entered into discussions with Philippa Street who runs Creative Adoptions, Inc. of Columbia Maryland (www.creativeadoptions.org). The plan is for Creative Adoptions to supplement the support HMF is offering Zambia's orphans (correspondence partners, donations of goods, etc) with an adoption service.

In the meantime, Adamson Musonda has secured the necessary certification from the Zambian Government to act as an adoption agent. HMF does not intent to get involved in the adoption process itself, but will help facilitate adoptions as one way for Americans to support the work of Zambia Hope, and possibly other charities abroad later on.

HMF Discusses Support for Zambia Hope with Adventist Homes
HMF director Thomas Cromwell on January 18, 2008 met with directors of the several homes for seniors run by the Adventist organization in the Greater Washington area (www.adventisthealthcare.com/ASLS/index.aspx). One of the homes, Glade Valley, in Walkersville, MD, already is supporting several orphans in Zambia, after meeting with Adamson Musonda in late 2007.

The Adventist organization is considering whether to expand this activity to its other homes, recognizing that it benefits both the seniors who show concern for the orphans, and the orphans themselves.

Thurmont Town Commissioners Hear Presentation on Zambia Hope
HMF director Thomas Cromwell was invited by Bob Lookingbill, one of five town commissioners of Thurmont, MD (home to Camp David) to make a presentation about the Zambia Hope program to the commissioners at a regular town meeting on January 22. The Power Point presentation was broadcast over a local channel, for residents in Thurmont. Bill Blakeslee, Thurmont's Chief Executive, has indicated that there is interest among residents to support Zambia Hope.

Mr. Lookingbill later arranged for the Town Office to be used for a meeting with volunteers from Catoctin High School, in Thurmont, who want to collect donations for Zambia Hope. The plan is to raise monetary donations, especially to pay for shipping, as well as used computers, school supplies, children's clothing and teddy bears.

An empty storefront in one of Thurmont's two shopping plazas has been made available to HMF for the collection of donated items for Zambia Hope.

Frederick County to Provide Used Computers
Following a request to Jan Gardner, the president of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners, the county has offered to provide used computers for Zambia Hope. HMF will collect the used computers from a County facility and add them to other donated items to be shipped to Zambia.

All will benefit. The County will save a recycling fee and the children in Zambia will get to use a computer! Hope Mountain hopes this will be just the first step in a long-term relationship between Frederick County and the orphans in Zambia who can so benefit from this support.





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