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Hope Mountain Foundation supports individuals and non-profits working in developing countries that can benefit from the support of a base in the United States. In particular, we are looking for local individuals, couples or organizations taking responsibility to solve local problems.

The first organization we are supporting is Zambia Hope International. Run by a responsible couple from Zambia, Adamson and Anne Musonda, it combines managing a 120 acre farm with supporting needy children at four local schools, near Lusaka, the Zambian capital. Zambia Hope supports some of the 1.25 million children in Zambia who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS or who in some other way are vulnerable and need assistance. For information about Zambia Hope, see: www.ZambiaHope.org.

Among the criteria we consider important in deciding who we want to support:

Local leadership
Transparent financial management
Low administrative costs
Creative approaches to problem-solving

If you think your project or organization might fit these criteria, please write to us. We might be able to help you, if not now, in the future.

Thomas Cromwell
Hope Mountain Foundation
5235 Westview Drive, Suite 100
Frederick, MD 21703

Or send us an email: info@HopeMountainFoundation.org


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